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SCF Databases/SQL January 2023 workshop

Workshop on databases and SQL. See the top menu for specific topics.

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1 Preparation

1.1 Required

Alternatively, if you have an SCF account you can plan to use one of the SCF machines via ssh or the SCF Jupyterhub.

1.2 Optional

If you’d like to be able to replicate the demo I do of creating a PostgreSQL database, you’ll need to install PostgreSQL on your computer. (This is completely optional and you will be able to follow my demo without this.) Probably the easiest way to enable this is to install Docker, which will allow you to start up a Linux virtual machine on your laptop. See the Mac instructions or the Windows instructions for how to install Docker. We’ll set up PostgreSQL within Docker during the workshop.

For replicating the demo of creating a database (either in SQLite or PostgreSQL) please download and unzip this file containing raw data files.

2 Schedule

3 Material

The tabs at the top will guide us through the material to be covered in the workshop. We’ll primarily be accessing the material in the SCF Databases tutorial, interspersed with time to work on SQL practice problems.