Berkeley Statistics Python Workshop, 2023

Materials for Python short course for incoming Statistics grad students.


The workshop will be in Evans 332.

We’ll provide a few snacks, but given the somewhat late end time, feel free to bring your own and some lunch if you expect to be hungry.


The workshop content is in Markdown in python.qmd with a rendered HTML version in python.html and an Jupyter notebook version in python.ipynb. The mini-project material is in project.qmd/project.html/project.ipynb. The qmd files are the new-ish Quarto format, but are basically simple Markdown files with Python code chunks interspersed.

To download the materials on your computer, you have two options:

We’ll primarily be directly working with the Python code in the Markdown or notebook versions of the files, but you can see static HTML versions:

Instructions for accessing Python

The only, but important, preparation in advance of the bootcamp is to make sure you have access to Python, with key packages (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels) that we’ll use during the bootcamp.

Whether you run Python (or IPython) through the command line or via a Jupyter Notebook doesn’t matter.

In the workshop, I’ll primarily use both approaches.

Below are a couple options for having access to Python. Please make sure at least one of these works for you before you arrive at the short course. The last two options require a computing account with the department through the Statistical Computing Facility, which you request here:

If you have an SCF account, you have a couple more options:


If you have questions about the workshop please don’t hesitate to email me.